Bulwer's Petrel by Göran Ekström
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Transparent utfyllnad Species list
Madeira Firecrest.
Photo: Göran Ekström, July 2002.
About the full species list
The birds of the Madeira are still rather poor known and most birdwatchers visiting the islands today may well contribute to the knowledge concerning breeding species, regularly migrating birds, as well as rarities. There is at the moment no official list of the Birds of Madeira and the only official document can be found in the book A Birdwatchers Guide to Portugal and Madeira (C. C. Moore et al. 1997). This list is rather out of date and do not correspond very well with all new knowledge accumulated in recent years. The full species list available on this page, however, built much of the list mention above, but have been modified and updated regularly.
   When trying to give a fair description of the birds of the Madeiran archipelago there is a problem of documentation and acceptance. Many reports of birds seen on the islands do not reach the Portuguese Rarity Committee, or no documentation or rarity reports are presented. Since the bird fauna in the Madeira are poorly known, the committee has chosen to demand rarity description for a wide range of species. This, combined with the fact that many observers are foreign visitors and that their skills and prolonged use of field documentation are unknown to the committee has made the level of documentation needed for an acceptance very high. A number of sightings have therefore been rejected, many of which would probably been approved by northern European rarity committees.
   Since the subject in this matter only is to describe the bird fauna in the Madeira archipelago and the number of species visiting birdwatchers may expect to see, I have chosen to present all available data. It is therefore up to the reader to make his own judgement of the right status of the birds recorded in Madeira. In a near future the numbers of records for rare species will be added to the list.

View or download the full species list here» (PDF 24KB) – Updated on 26th February 2006.

Bird trip list to Madeira in PDF format
Below you will find a useful trip list in different languages, which contains all the species that are most likely to be seen on a one or two-week long trip on Madeira. Note that each list is in PDF format (about 60 KB). To be able to opening these files and print them out you need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

English and scientific bird names (48 species/subspecies)
Svenska och vetenskapliga fågelnamn (48 arter/raser)
Deutsche und wissenschaftliche Namen (48 arten/unterarten)
Nederlandse en wetenschappelijke vogelnamen (48 soorten/ondersoorten)

Liste des noms français et scientifiques (48 espèces/sous-espèces)
Nomes vulgares e científicos das aves da Madeira (48 espécies/subespécies)
Nombres vulgares y científicos de las aves de Madeira (48 especies/subespecies)

Other useful lists for the Madeira visitor
Trip list of Madeiran animals (PDF 23 KB, with english and scientific names). This list contains 48 species of land and sea animals such as butterflies, dragonflies, whales and dolphins, and others, of which several are most likely to see during a visit in the Madeira archipelago.
Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises of the World (PDF 27 KB, with english and scientific names). This checklist contains all 84 known species and those recorded in the Madeira archipelago have been marked with a bullet.

The Portuguese Rarities Committee
E-mail address: raridades@spea.pt
This address shall only be used for submitting rarities reports (descriptions/photos)!
For those that don't have e-mail or that wish to send prints, the following Postal Address can be used:

Av. Da Liberdade, 105, 2º Esq.
1250-140 LISBOA

Download or open the rarity form in English here»

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