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Transparent utfyllnad Land animals – a selective list

Several of the animal species listed below are those you hopefully can see in the archipelago. There live about 3 340 species of animals on Madeira and the majority are of course insects.
   Please click on the linked names to view photos of each species in larger size, of which all is photographed within the Madeira archipelago. Photographs on non-linked species below are highly welcome!

Two beautiful Monarch butterflies.
Photo: Dan Mangsbo, Sweden.
Convolvulus Hawk Moth, Porto Santo.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.
Male Red-veined Darter.
Photo: Simon Zino, Madeira.
Madeiran Wolf Spider at Pico do Areeiro.
Photo: Jesper Segergren, Sweden.
Perez's Frog at São Vicente.
Photo: Stefan Magnusson, Sweden.
Madeiran Wall Lizard.
Photo: Raphael Jordan, France.
Large White – Pieris brassicae wollastoni (Rare)
Small White – Pieris rapae (Widespread)
Clouded Yellow – Colias croceus (Widespread)
Madeira Brimstone – Gonepteryx maderensis (Scarce)
Small Copper – Lycaena phlaeas phlaeoides (Widespread)
Long-tailed Blue – Lampides boeticus (Common)
Lang's Short-tailed Blue – Leptotes pirithous (1 record; 2007)
Queen of Spain Fritillary – Issoria lathonia (Scarce visitor)
Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta (Widespread)
Indian Red Admiral – Vanessa vulcanica (Scarce visitor)
Painted Lady – Vanessa cardui (Widespread)
Monarch – Danaus plexippus (Localized)
Plain Tiger – Danaus chrysippus (Rare visitor)
Madeiran Grayling – Hipparchia maderensis (Localized)
Speckled Wood – Pararge a. aegeria (Widespread)
Madeiran Speckled Wood – Pararge xiphia (Localized)

The moths are quite common with about 260 species, more than 50 of them being endemics. One family is striking due to the size of its members, the Hawk Moths (Sphingidae), of which many are migrating species. Following Hawk Moths can be seen:
Hummingbird Hawk Moth – Macroglossum stellatarum
Death's Head Hawk Moth – Acherontia atropos
Convolvulus Hawk Moth – Agrius convolvuli
(Madeiran) Spurge Hawk Moth – Hyles tithymali gecki
Striped Hawk Moth – Hyles lineata livornica

Small Bluetail – Ischnura pumilio
Blue Emperor – Anax imperator
Lesser Emperor – Anax parthenope
Vagrant Emperor – Anax ephippiger
Red-veined Darter – Sympetrum fonscolombii
Common Darter – Sympetrum striolatum
Island Darter – Sympetrum nigrifemur
Identifying Dragonflies is far from easy, but if you have photographed a dragonfly and are unsure of what species it is, you can get help and ID support from the crew behind the excellent website DragonflyPix, which is worth a visit for all the great photos of dragonflies.

Spiders (which pay attention)
There are several species of wolf spiders living on each of the islands (Madeira, Deserta Grande and Porto Santo):
Madeira Funnel-web Spider – Tegenaria maderiana
Madeiran Wolf Spider – Hogna maderiana
Deserta Grande Wolf Spider – Hogna ingens
Porto Santo Wolf Spider – Hogna scmitzi
Heer's Wolf Spider – Hogna heeri
Wolf Spider – Hogna insularum
Banded Garden Spider – Argiope trifasciata
Wasp Spider – Argiope bruennichi
Tent-web Spider – Cyrtophora citricola

Amphibians and Reptiles
Perez's Frog – Pelophylax perezi (introduced and widespread; The river beds in Machico, São Vicente and Fajä da Nogueira are reliable sites as well as Tanque Pond on Porto Santo)
Madeiran Wall Lizard – Teira dugesii
Canarian Lizard – Gallotia gallotia (introduced, only seen in Funchal)
Moorish Gecko – Tarentola mauritanica (introduced; often heard in evening/night in central Funchal, but rarely seen in broad daylight).

Rabbit – Oryctolagus cuniculus (introduced)
House Mouse – Mus domesticus (introduced)
Black Rat – Rattus rattus (introduced)
Brown Rat – Rattus norvegicus (introduced)
Feral Cat (introduced)

Madeira Pipistrelle – Pipistrellus maderensis
Lesser Noctule – Nyctalis leisleri verrucosus
Grey Long-eared Bat – Plecotus austriacus

Trip list of Madeiran animals (PDF 23 KB, with english and scientific names). This list contains 50 species of land and sea animals such as butterflies, dragonflies, whales and dolphins, and others, of which several are most likely to see during a visit in the Madeira archipelago.

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