Transparent utfyllnad Pelagics with the boat 'Ventura do Mar'
Birders at the Funchal Marina, waiting to boarding 'Ventura' for an evening pelagic trip. From left: Elizabeth Zino, Bosse Carlsson, Dan Zetterström, Frank Zino, Bister, Niklas Holmström and the skipper Luis Dias. Photo: Göran Ekström, July 2005.
British birders onboard 'Ventura' (the head of Celtic Bird Tours, Neil Donaghy, wearing a blue Suomi shirt!). Also the well-known birdwatcher Peter Colston (sitting and wearing a green cap).
Photo: Niklas Holmström, July 2005.
Elizabeth and Frank Zino enjoying the sea onboard 'Ventura do Mar'. A joyful evening trip strictly for birders. A very nice couple, who kindly provides stories about Madeira and its avifauna!
Photo: Niklas Holmström, July 2005.
This trip to Desertas produced many excellent sightings of Fea's Petrels. In front Erica and Richard Klim + Bosse Carlsson.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, September 2004.
A great team work when scanning the sea for seabirds and cetaceans, of which both was recorded in good numbers.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, July 2005.
Swedish birders, which had chartered 'Ventura' for a 24-hours tour to the Desertas Islands. Ponta do Garajau in background.
Photo: HG Karlsson, August 2005.
Lunch time onboard 'Ventura' when laying at anchor off Deserta Grande during another 24-hours trip team from Sweden.
Photo: Bosse Carlsson, August 2005.
From left: Fea's Petrel, Cory's Shearwater and Bulwer's Petrel. All three photographed from the boat 'Ventura do Mar' in 2005.
Photos: HG Karlsson (Fea's) and Bister (Cory's and Bulwer's), August and July 2005 respectively.
A lovely school of bowriding Spotted Dolphins off Madeira (photographed from 'Ventura'). Photo: Stina Grönberg, August 2005.
Not only dolphins can swim, but they usually do it undressed.
Photo: Stina Grönberg, August 2005.
A family school of Spotted Dolphins, at least two very young ones seen in front and rear. Håkan Olsson, August 2005.
Surfacing Bottlenose Dolphins (left) and a single Pilot Whale (right) in the strait between Madeira and Desertas.
Photos: Dan Mangsbo, January 2006.
A huge Sei or Bryde's Whale seen from 'Ventura' close to the coast off Madeira. Photo: Dan Mangsbo, January 2006.
The ultimate boat for pelagics; 'Ventura do Mar'! Here at bay Doca, Deserta Grande. Photo: Dan Mangsbo, January 2006. This huge tourist ship, which leave Funchal daily, are not very suitable for seawatching. Photo: Göran Ekström, July 2005.

The crew of 'Ventura do Mar'. From left: Jorge Alves (owner of the boat), Filipe Alves (the organizer of trips) and Luis Dias (the main skipper). Filipe and Luis are educated marine biologists, keen photographers and they have – besides great knowledge of cetaceans and how to ID them correctly – great experience of how to ID most seabirds in the Madeiran waters. Add to this their kind, helpful and humoruos qualities, which also make their trips so successful and memorable. Photos: Bister, July 2005.

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