Transparent utfyllnad Zino's PetrelPterodroma madeira
Fea's and Zino's Petrels! In mid April Carlos Viveiros contributed excellent close-up photos (not in flight) on Fea's and Zino's. These photos were taken during conservation work on Bugio and Pico do Areeiro. View his excellent side-by-side photos here»
Two different chicks (weighed and ringed) at Pico do Areeiro. The left one photographed on 18th September 2003 and the right one in late October 1999. Photos: Frank Zino/Freira Conservation Project, Madeira. Read more about Zino's Petrel here»
Adult at the breeding site at Pico do Areeiro.
Photo: Frank Zino (FCP), Madeira.
Adult at Pico do Areeiro on 22nd June 2004.
Photo: Carlos Viveiros, Madeira.

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