Transparent utfyllnad Little EgretEgretta garzetta
A nice bird in Santa Caterina Park on 27th April 2008.
Photo: David Gardiner, UK.
A flock of Little Egrets at Lido in the morning on 14th March 2008. Photo: Aimon Niklasson, Sweden.
These seen several times in stream leading into Funchal harbour in late March 2008. Photos: Pat & Tony Halliday, UK.
Little Egret at Lugar de Baixo on 21st February 2007.
Photo: Romano da Costa, UK.
Little Egret in Funchal on 26th August 2006.
Photo: Olof Jönsson, Sweden.
Little Egrets in Funchal Harbour, November 2005. Photos: Ivan Miksik, Czech Republic.
25th February 2005. Photo: Stefan Cherrug, Sweden Funchal on 21st January 2006. Photo: Dan Mangsbo, Sweden.
Machico in July 2005. Photo: Göran Ekström, Sweden December 1996. Photo: Antero Topp, Finland.

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