Transparent utfyllnad Trocaz PigeonColumba trocaz
A nice Trocaz at Seixal on 23rd August 2006.
Photo: Jesper Segergren, Sweden.
A Trocaz at São Vicente on 23rd August 2006.
Photo: Olof Jönsson, Sweden.
Two different pigeons in the valley of Fajä da Nogueira on 3rd July 2005. Photos: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.
A Trocaz in July 2005. Photo: Paul & Andrea Kelly, Ireland. Photo: Göran Ekström, Sweden, July 2002.
All three flight shots taken in Fajã da Nogueira in July 2002. Photos: Göran Ekström, Sweden.
Juvenile Trocaz (rarely depicted!) in late November 2004. Note the blackish beady eye, dark bill, overall patchy body coloration and no visible silvery patch on side of neck. Photos: Teus Luijendijk, Netherlands.

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