Transparent utfyllnad Bulwer's PetrelBulweria bulwerii
At sea off Madeira on 9th August 2011. Photo: Uku Paal, Estonia.
At sea between Madeira and Desertas in early July 2005. Photos: Göran Ekström, Sweden.
At sea south off Madeira on 10th July 2005. Dense flocks up to 18 birds was observed! Photos: Göran Ekström, Sweden.
Bulwer's at sea off Bugio (the southernmost island of the Desertas) in July 2005. Photos: Paul & Andrea Kelly, Ireland.
An adult at night on Deserta Grande on 10th August 2009. Photo: Ian Merrill, UK.
A four days old chick on Deserta Grande in July 2005.
Photo: Paul & Andrea Kelly, Ireland.
A 20 days old chick on Deserta Grande, late August 2005.
Photo: Bosse Carlsson, Sweden.
A not yet fledged at Deserta Grande on 30th September 2005.
Photo: John Bennett, UK.

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