Transparent utfyllnad Spotted SandpiperActitis macularius
An adult Spotted Sandpiper in summer plumage photographed at Lugar de Baixo on 29-30th April 2007. One of the birds seen since last fall? Photo: David Uit de Weerd, Netherlands. Most probably the very same individual, which has been present at Lugar de Baixo since October 2006. This photo is dated 21st February 2007. Photo: Romano da Costa, UK.
1st winter at Lugar de Baixo seen on four occasions between 29th January and 4th February 2007. Most probably one of those from last fall, which has been present at the site. Photo: Nick Crouch, UK
A 1st cal year seen for an hour along with a Common Sandpiper at Lugar de Baixo on 4th October 2006. Most probably not the same bird seen at the pond on 24th September. 8th record for Madeira. Photos: Stefan Masur, Germany.
First winter in Funchal Harbour on 29-31st December 2005. 6th record for Madeira. Photos: Seppo Niiranen, Finland.
Spotted Sandpiper at Machico on 4 September 2002. British and French birders had independently found the bird at Machico on 27 August and it remained until 6th September.This was the third record for Madeira. Photos: Erik Sanders, Netherlands.

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