Transparent utfyllnad Ponta do Pargo
The lighthouse at Ponta do Pargo on 14th May 2009. Photo: Peter Vercruijsse, Netherlands.
Ponta do Pargo and its lighthouse – the westernmost tip in Madeira. Photo: Magnus Unger, Sweden.
Steep cliffs at Ponta do Pargo (towards north). September 2009. Photo: Rubén Barone Tosco, Canary Islands.
The coastline towards south at Ponta do Pargo.
Photo: Håkan Sandin, Sweden.
The coastline towards north at Ponta do Pargo.
Photo: Håkan Sandin, Sweden.
The restaurant, which lies a few hundred metres uppwards from the lighthouse. Photo: Stefan Cherrug, Sweden. The little garden adjacent to the lighthouse (the road leading up to the restaurant). Photo: Magnus Unger, Sweden.
The keen photographer Göran Ekström waiting for the swifts (three species) to passing by just a few metres from the restaurant at Ponta do Pargo. Indeed a nice and dramatic place for birding. Photo: Bosse Carlsson, Sweden.

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