Transparent utfyllnad Ponta do Garajau
The western slopes of Garajau seen from west. The small summit at the tip and the house ruins in bottom left corner host a few pairs of Madeiran Storm-petrels during summer.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.
The steep eastern parts of Garajau seen from the ferry to Porto Santo. The site is also good for Pallid Swifts (in daylight) and to see or hear Barn Owl, which breed here.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.
The old whale-watching hut at the crest of Garajau. From here a small path lead down to the small summit, where birders often go when listening for Madeiran Storm-petrels at night.
Photo: Stefan Cherrug, Sweden.
The well-lit huge Christ statue at Garajau at night. The statue is visible in the top left photography (the narrow greyish column at the top of the crest).
Photo: Lars Antonsson, Sweden.
The silhoutte of Ponta do Garajau in the evening, photographed from Funchal Harbour. Photo: Ivan Miksik, Czech Republic.

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