Transparent utfyllnad Funchal and nearby places
Seawatching from the jetty in Funchal, August 2005.
Photo: Stina Grönberg, Sweden.
Birdwatchers scanning the northeastern beach in Funchal.
Photo: Håkan Sandin, Sweden.
Part of Funchal Harbour. Photo: Dan Mangsbo, Sweden. The marina in Funchal. Photo: Ivan Miksik, Czech Republic.
Part of Funchal and its harbour, seen from Monte.
Photo: Ivan Miksik, Czech Republic.
The Tropical Garden at Monte (and two Mute Swans).
Photo: Ivan Miksik, Czech Republic.
When travel back (downwards) to Funchal from Monte, just pick one of these high-speed basket-sleds.
Photo: Ivan Miksik, Czech Republic.
A romantic birding couple enjoying the unbelievable luxuriant
and lovely Tropical Garden of Monte.
Photo: Laila Nyström, Sweden.
The boat Ventura and Santa Catarina Park in background.
Photo: Göran Ekström, Sweden.
Happy birders softing after a nice dinner at the Marina.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.
The huge cliff Cabo Girão (west of Funchal) and the southern most tip Ponta da Cruz in foreground. Photo: Dan Mangsbo Part of Cabo Girão (and houses + a restaurant close to the shore). Photo: Dan Mangsbo, Sweden.
Funchal seen from sea onboard the boat "Ventura do Mar". Photo: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.

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