Transparent utfyllnad Pico do Areeiro
Stairway to heaven or a screen scene from "The Lord of the Rings"? This is a lovely place at night when listening for the Zino's Petrels spooky calls in spring and summer. Indeed a stunning experience in daytime too! Photo: Simon Zino, Madeira.
Pico do Areeiro at night. In silence and high above the clouds. At least 4-5 Zino's were heard with several calls (at least 50) and seen at Pico do Areeiro on 20th August 2008. Photo: Ulf Ståhle, Sweden.
Plain Swift above Pico do Areeiro, 15th August 2009. Photo: Vincent van der Spek, Netherlands
The peak Areeiro at sunset. The breeding site for Zino's Petrel to the right. Photo: Göran and Edvin Hansson, Sweden.
The narrow path leading to the area where the Zino's breed.
Photo: Ivan Miksik, Czech Republic.
Totally concentrated birders waiting for the Zino's to come in!
Photo: HG Karlsson, Sweden.
The area at sunset surrounded by a sea of clouds. Dreamlike!
Photo: Aleix Comas, Spain.
Pico do Areeiro seen from a lower valley early in the morning.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.
View from the parking lot at Pico do Areeiro. The place offer amazing views in complete silence, except for the wind.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.
The clouds come and go quickly at Pico do Areeiro. Swedish birders waiting for the warming sun.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, Sweden.

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