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Niklas on board the nice boat Ventura do Mar off Madeira.
Photo: Bister, Sweden.
The motivation for building this web site was the lack of a comprehensive source concerning "When and Were to go birding on Madeira", with current information. In year 2000 and onwards I received many email and phone calls from birders all over Europe, asking questions such as "Where is the best seawatching spot?", "Where should I watch from at the actual site?", "Is it necessary to pre-book hotel room in Porto Moniz and if so, do you have any recomendations with seawatching possibilitys at a reasonable price?", "How can I get in contact with the boat that goes to Desertas?" and so on. I'm happy to answer (try, I would say) all the questions that find their way to me from curious birders. However, I soon realised that a well built and regularly updated website would help most birders when preparing a trip to Madeira, and also inspire many more to visit this beautiful archipelago. Its my hope that many birders will find this web site useful and that each user (after their trip) will provide additional information and bird sightings, which would aid travellers in the future. This is a independent and non-commercial website and it will rely upon visitors to make it as useful and updated as possible. Don't forget to give back, what you once have been given. Good luck!

   – Niklas Holmström, Sweden

This web site would not have been as useful as it is today, without great and kind help from the following birders: Stephen Addinall, Gary Allport, Filipe Alves, Catarina Alves, Rubén Barone Tosco, Leo Boon, Tom Brereton, Derek Charles, Tony Clarke, Luis Dias, Neil Donaghy, Göran Ekström, Gonçalo Elias, Isabel Fagundes, Steve Gantlett, Hugh Harrop, João Nunes, Keith Regan, Erik Sanders, Bryan Thomas, Russel Wynn and Frank Zino, who have provided additional and valuable information as well as comments on the text! And, of course, every one of you (too many to mention, but not forgotten!) that have submitted trip reports and sightings to this website over the years!

At last but not least, all the photographers deserve a thousand thanks! Without their kind help the website would have been far less useful and attractive.
Here you find a list of all photographers (including their e-mail and website addresses and the numbers of photos provided).

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